Decorated Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies
These will be the best sugar cookie you have ever tasted and highly addictive.

Sabrina’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
The Absolute Best
Sabrina’s Cookie Bundle

Every year Sabrina’s creates a unique cookie bundle, the flavors are a surprise!

2019 Cookie Bundle Consisted of:
Vanilla Bean & Pink Pepper Sugar Cookie (cutout) with fondant top.
Grey Cookie (cutout) with fondant top.
Blackberry Bliss Bars
Fruit Cake Crumb Bars
Triple Chocolate Cookies
White Chocolate & Pineapple Macadamia Cookies
Salty Sweet Graham Cookies
Cherry Pistachio Mandelbrot Dipped in Dark Chocolate and Chopped Pistachios
Lemon Ricotta Cookies Filled with White Chocolate Glaze
Gingerbread Thumbprint with Milk Chocolate Center
Mocha Chip Sandwich Cookies with White Chocolate Filling
Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookies
Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies (spicy)
Fluffernutter Cookies